H5: Tempeh Sweet Potato

H5: Tempeh Sweet Potato



Feel fit and thriving! Our five-layered meal of roasted sweet potato and seared ginger tempeh will leave you feeling centered, filled with nutrients, and perfectly content. We start with organic savory quinoa and brown rice cooked with kombu, sauteed fresh garlic, and olive oil. The next layer leads to organic sweet potatoes roasted in their skins and tossed with lime and fresh cilantro. Tempeh and a vegan almond cream sauce are tucked within the center and topped with an exhilaratingly crisp and refreshing layer of kale, red cabbage, and toasted sesame. This grab-and-go meal is fit for a feast! Fuel the things you love most in life. Let us be your ally.

Layers & Ingredients:

Cruciferous Crunch: Organic winterbor kale & red cabbage with rice vinegar, maple sugar, sesame seeds and toasted sesame oil

Almond Cream: Organic roasted almond butter, gluten free soy, coconut milk, garlic, ginger, toasted sesame oil, dates, apple cider vinegar, maple sugar, and sriracha

Roasted Ginger Tempeh: Organic tempeh, fresh ginger, vermont maple sriracha, vermont peanut butter, garlic, and gluten free soy sauce

Baked Cilantro Sweet Potatoes: Organic local sweet potatoes, fresh lime, olive oil and cilantro

Savory Quinoa & Brown Rice: Organic red and white quinoa and short grain brown rice, organic yellow onions, wakame, and garlic


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