We can develop bespoke fresh juice cocktails made with edible aromatics for your next special occasion or festive event! We work with the seasons to curate imaginative flavors that correspond with the tone and atmosphere of the party you're working to cultivate. Our signature juice cocktails are designed in partnership with Alice & the Magician to create the magical evening of your dreams.

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Enjoy a 1 hour Bespoke Consultation with Alice & the Magician and Gabrielle from Tomgirl Juice Company, in which we present juice ideas with corresponding Aromatics. In this space we discuss cocktail ideas and themes for the occasion. Flavor options are adjusted by season. Enjoy a curated tasting and matching of juices and scents.


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We will create a Premium Drink Menu with a minimum of 150 drinks costing $1500. To include slight price drops based on volume (ex: 300 cocktails = $2200). For reference: 150 Drinks = 450 ounces, with 3 ounces of juice poured per cocktail. Possible Add-ons: Special Garnishes. Pre-made wedding gift sets to include mini juice bottles, aromatics and planned delivery of spirit nips (by wedding planner) for wedding party.


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