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Autumn invites us to warm & tone the large intestine with wholesome, nutrient-rich roasted foods, and a colorful array of digestive spices. It is a beautiful time of year to thread juicing and inner warmth and foster inner balance. What a wonderful feeling to know that you can participate in cleansing all Autumn and Winter long just with warmth, gentleness, nutrition and nurture. The large digestive tract is a place where your body and mind generate wellbeing. Just imagine what your body can do! With the right mix of warming high-fiber foods, legumes, and steamed vegetables, you can build serotonin and cultivate feelings of gratitude and happiness in your gut. We even encourage you to contemplate [and feel free!] to swap a juice with a soup during any point of your cleanse experience. Two of the juices featured may also be enjoyed at warmer temperatures without impairing the recipes health benefits [Ginger Limeade and Vanilla Almond]. Get ready to feel deeply loved, inside and out.

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Juice 01: Winterbor Kale & Pineapple

Organic Costa Rican pineapple is pressed with the entire core + rind to create a morning drink rich in awakening and anti-inflammatory properties. If you have never been or [never think you could be] "a morning person", this drink may change your mind. As the Autumn days darken sprightly pineapple will rapidly brighten your senses with electrolytes, potassium and the super-enzyme, bromelain. Winterbor Kale, grown locally by Pitchfork Farms, is added to further the green content of the rind with kale's natural well of carotenoids [beta-carotene and lutein], and blood nourishing chlorophyll — one of the best detoxifiers and blood purifiers available.


Juice 02: Greens & Ginger

Tomgirl Juice Company’s signature 65% greens juice was created to support you and the harvest! We buy almost 100% locally for the creation of this magnificent emerald-colored juice. New varieties of apples arrive each week from Shoreham, Vermont’s Champlain Orchards and our greens are grown and harvested from a variety of organic, and sometimes local terrain, including Pitchfork Farms, Jericho Settlers [Jericho], Last Resort Farm and more.  This drink enters to support you at the beginning of your day and nourish your entire system with living energy from the sun. Parsley is an important lymph node clarifier while Kale, Romaine and Spinach are abundant in Calcium and Vitamin C. Celery is simply a powerhouse of life giving nutrition as well as an effective tonic for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and headaches.


Juice 03: Peruvian Ginger Limeade

Ginger is a rhizome with over 400 compounds naturally targeted to reduce inflammation, enhance blood flow and aids the digestive process. It’s also known for its remedial effects on an upset stomach.  It has been found to inhibit the production of cytokines, compounds found in the immune system that produces pain and tension. Though limes taste acidic, they are actually extremely alkalizing and are used to combat common colds due to their high vitamin C content. Lime juice also cleanses the bloodstream and liver and encourages mitosis, a cell's decision to divide and thrive! 

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Juice 04: Carrot Apple & Tropical Ginger

Our longevity resides in the liver. This simple and restorative live-juice provides the healing support our bodies need on a very regular basis. A vibrant liver can influence our ability to burn fat and feel calm under pressure. Ginger reduces inflammation and can soothe an unsettled stomach. We love this remedy for its ability to ground emotional tension. Feel awake and uplifted!


Juice 05: Beet Apple Lime & Cayenne

It is no coincidence that beet juice resembles the color of our body’s most vital substance. Beets are our blood builders and the most sensational source of iron, beta-carotene, calcium and vitamin C. Autumn is for immune strength. This juice will bolster your bloodstream and delight your taste buds. It is not only healthy this drink is delicious! Fresh lime and Vermont apple have an alkalizing effect while the kick of hot cayenne will warm the body; stimulate digestion and muscle movement in the intestines. Beets contribute directly to the well being of the lymph system, liver, kidneys and gallbladder. The chelating properties of beets help bind to toxins and allow for their gentle release.


Juice 06: Vanilla Almond Milk

This nut-milk is made with lots and lots of love. And I mean, real love. In fact, it's somehow difficult to describe how delicious this nut-milk really is without the possibility of melting on the spot. At Tomgirl, we soak and sprout REAL raw Spanish almonds, and thereby awaken vital energies once dormant in the raw unpasteurized nut. The sprouted almond is now not just raw, but living. Nutrient contents are doubled and digestibility increased! Enzymes are brought to action and greater sources of B vitamins and minerals are now made more accessible to the body. Medjool dates are concentrated sources of fiber, potassium, and copper. Together with sprouted almonds — this nut-milk contains the mono-unsaturated fats, protein and potassium integral to the health of your heart. The magnesium content in almonds also helps the adrenal system to relax. And being higher in calcium and fiber than any other nut, digesting almonds as a nut-milk, becomes even easier on our system. This is the gold medal of juice cleansing. It is your final juice and reward for making beautiful changes in your body. Now kick back and turn in for the evening :) You deserve it!